May 13 Twenty O’Eight

Summer’s back…Both the temperature and the humidity are back. No wanting to spend the morning in the backyard today.

Though I must admit the birds seem to like the weather just fine. Loud greetings to the day were heard even through the closed doors and windows.

Over the weekend we had a hummingbird playing around the Mimosa we sit under. Hitting each and every bloom over and over again.

From Coffee Muses

I didn’t even try to break out the camera for that one. Here is a shot of a mimosa bloom from last spring.

We are suddenly overrun with wildlife at our place. Seems we have a couple of raccoons hanging out. One is fairly friendly…One isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, when I say fairly friendly I mean no growling not acting aggressive behavior…Pretty much just ignores us as it steals food from the cats. The other looks younger, and male, and aggressive…Not sure yet what lengths I am willing to go through to discourage the two of them.

One thought on “May 13 Twenty O’Eight”

  1. The mimosa is really lovely. Not sure you can grow them in the Kansas City area, but fortunately I’ve got flowers growing that do attract humming birds. I love them.

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