It looks like summer musing time is here…

Crank up the AC: 90-degree days return to Houston this week | – Houston Chronicle
Summer’s coming, and right on schedule, too.

Forecasters say Houston’s mercury should top 90 degrees Thursday or Friday.

During the past decade, the year’s first 90-degree day came anywhere from April 17 to May 23.

But on average, the first 90-degree day has come on May 9 (which is Friday).

The first 90-degree day generally signals that we’re beyond the point of receiving strong cool fronts.

The nights have been getting warmer for the past few weeks. A few nights of low 70’s followed by a quick cool front and a couple of nights where the low hits the 60’s (with a teaser falling into the 50’s on occasion). It looks like that is coming to an end…All you folk further north enjoy spring for me. Summer’s here.


Free Will Astrology : Aquarius Horoscope
When the spell is broken, Aquarius, you will be able to tap into resources that you’ve been cut off from. When the spell is broken, you will finally notice three big, beautiful secrets that have been staring you in the face. When the spell is broken, you will slip down off a clean, lofty perch where it has been hard to relax and arrive at a low, funky spot where you’ll be free to feel things you haven’t felt in a long time. When the spell is broken, it will be because you have decided to break it.

True…Not true? Does it really matter? This weeks horoscope says something to me…When I figure out what, I’ll let you know.


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