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What, if anything, it says about me that this obit caught my eye this morning in the Post.

Albert Hofmann, 102; Chemist Discovered LSD – washingtonpost.com
Albert Hofmann, 102, a Swiss chemist and accidental father of LSD who came to view the much-vilified and abused hallucinogen he discovered in 1938 as his “problem child,” died April 29 at his home in Burg, a village near Basel, Switzerland, after a heart attack.

I suppose the main thing it says is I am old enough to remember all of the hype that went around about LSD back in my teenage years. Not that I ever felt an interest in trying LSD. I was never quite that adventurous, even at the height of the 70’s drug culture I didn’t trust chemical concoctions all that much.

Anyway, after a long and interesting life, may Albert Hofmann rest in peace.


I am in the process of migrating my old Photoblog off of the site it has been sitting on over at blogspot and parking it at the domain that has pointed there. It’s a matter of copying each post and any comments one by one and re-saving them to my hosting account. I only made the decision to do this after I stumbled across a WordPress plugin and theme that allows you to manage a standard (if there is such a thing) photoblog with WordPress. If you are of a mind, you can find the new site at…http://garyboyd.photography.

Please keep in mind that for at least the next few weeks this will be a major work in progress.

Once I finish moving the photoblog I’ll probably start migrating the posts off of my other sites…We’ll see what happens.


It’s hard to believe that we are already into our third month of the lawn mowing season here. I am trying to let the back field go a little longer between mowings than I would of in the past. Especially after it cost me over $20 to fill the gas cans last evening. Who would have thought we would reach a point where it would almost behove you to fill your tank daily just to stay ahead of the price hikes…

Anyway, after finishing mowing the lawn and having supper last evening, I took myself and a glass of Zin out into the backyard to watch the evening light show…The fireflies were a bit subdued, but a pleasure to watch and wander once again through memories of the evenings when I was growing up and “lightning bugs” were everywhere.

I have begun to notice that the roar from the main road about a quarter of a mile away is getting more and more pervasive as the years go by. When we first moved out here early evenings could be quite nice sitting out and watching the night fall. An occasional car passing by out front, some traffic on the by-pass down the road, every once and a while a train on the tracks a mile away. Now every one of those noise makers has increased in frequency and amount. I would expect that as the cost of diesel rises the sound of trains will become a more frequent fact along this main drag from Galveston heading northwest and bypassing Houston.


It’s past time to hit the road…gotta go.

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