A Victory in Pa?

‘The tide is turning,’ victorious Clinton says | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle
“Because of you, the tide is turning.”

I suppose the question is…Exactly how many Republican voters does it take to turn a Democratic Primary tide?


Whatever » 10 Delegates? Really?
After all that, Hillary Clinton nets just ten delegates? Is there anyone in the world not involved with the Clinton campaign who thinks ten delegates were worth the past seven weeks of complete and utter nonsense? Really?

No, I mean it. Really?

I tend to agree…


Parsing Pennsylvania – The Opinionator – Opinion – New York Times Blog
But Kevin Drum, who writes the Political Animal blog for the Washington Monthly, gets the last word on the Keystone State’s significance. He writes:

So I guess Hillary Clinton won the Pennsylvania primary. What’s more, she seems to have won by roughly the same margin she would have won by even if she and Barack Obama hadn’t just spent $40 million there.

In other words, the campaign was not only pointless, but pointless and wildly expensive. On to North Carolina!

So at $4 million per delegate we have established a market…Do I hear any bidders?


So the day has run around another circle of light and dark and it’s time one again for me to join the corporate world for another day in the life…Like the Democrats, I appear to be stuck in an endless loop of repeating mundaneness…Time to do it all over again.

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