The end of spring?

The last couple of weeks have been really nice. Cool nights days in the mid 70’s at the highest. Today though it looks like summer is coming on. The temperature this morning at 6am is 73° with a high forcast for the mid 80’s.

Now I know for a lot of folks that would be heaven…and it really is until you factor in humidity levels above 90%, then it becomes more like hell. As long as the sea breezes blow it’s not too bad. But here lately I’ve been reading in the news that it might be the salt in the sea breeze that causes this part of the country to have such awful ozone problems. So it seems the very thing that makes the southeast  Texas coast livable is also the very thing that keeps you inside when you need to be out in the breeze (if there is one).

So, for all of my friends further north…Hang in there, summer’s on the way.


 This one’s for Jim…

Mr. Bush’s Train Wreck –
The president raised a legitimate concern in his climate speech. Too bad he’s the cause of it.


It’s time to hit the road…

One thought on “The end of spring?”

  1. Thanks for that insightful unbiased op-ed Gary. According to the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change, there is still significant debate about both what is causing global warming and how well we can predict, and therefore apply policy toward, warming. Naturally, this is Bush’s fault rather than the sum of individuals driving their vehicles and powering their blogs.

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