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What isn’t shown in that snipit from my email is the humidity. Right now it is 94% and rising…Just think, we call this spring around these parts. You should see what we call summer…


Handling violations found at 4 beef slaughterhouses | – Houston Chronicle
A federal audit of 18 beef slaughterhouses after the nation’s largest beef recall found humane handling violations in four of them, including one serious enough for the plant to be temporarily suspended.

The audit by the Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service concluded that a plant was insufficiently stunning animals, failing to make them insensible to pain on the first attempt. That plant has taken corrective actions and its suspension has been lifted, said Agriculture Secretary Edward Schafer. None of the plants was identified.

Yes, I know, I’m a bleeding heart liberal…But why can’t we treat our food animals humanely? I know, there are those who say we shouldn’t be eating any meat…But we do. Can’t we at least be humane in the slaughter? The laws are there. The inspection process is there. The will of the government isn’t there…Let’s cut some more funding and see how much more money we can save for that next round of tax cuts…Besides, we need to buy more bombs for Iran…Iraq (sorry my bad).


 Gotta run….

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