Leap Day Eve

The political novelty of actual campaign money being spent by national candidates in Texas is a subject of conversation around the water cooler at work. Between the two of the, Clinton and Obama have spent more money in Texas than all of the Democratic National campaigns of the last half century.

They’re loving Texas Democrats now | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

Obama and Clinton have spent more money on Texas television advertising in the past three weeks than all the past four Democratic presidential nominees spent on their entire Texas campaigns combined.

Clinton has spent almost $3 million and Obama has spent $4.6 million on TV in Texas, according to a study by the Campaign Media Analysis Group produced for local campaigns. Clinton and Obama spent almost 60 percent of their money in Houston and Dallas. Clinton directed $268,000 at San Antonio TV; Obama, $546,779.

According to news reports from the time, Bill Clinton held some final-week rallies in Texas in his campaigns, but he spent just $250,000 on Texas radio and TV spots in 1992; $265,000 in 1996; and Al Gore and John Kerry essentially spent nothing on the state in 2000 and 2004.

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