Just Born Lucky…or not.

I saw this in my morning email.

Dear Sir/Madam,

You have won One Million Pounds
Pounds Sterling on the Uk Lotto-GmbH) .
Always Quote the information below to us:
Reference Number:EUM-347-DGS-689

Contact Agent Below
Mr Tony Risby
London Representative Office.
Phone Number:(0044) 7960021562

Best Regard,
Mr John Williams

For some reason the spam filter let it through. I guess my question is, does anyone believe these things? How could you possible win a Lotto you didn’t even purchase a ticket for? I haven’t even been playing poker with any unsavory types who might toss a ticket in the pot to cover a bluff…I guess I should stop looking at the islands off the coast of Scotland and the yachts in the Sunday paper for a commuter vehicle.

Oh well, for the 2 and a half seconds the dream lasted it was a nice start to the day…


 I guess I shouldn’t complain about the weather, the weekends are beautiful. But these workdays are sure getting old with all the rain that keeps misting down day after day after day…At least for today, it’s not cold. Highs are forecast for the upper 60’s as a lead up to another cold front moving into the area.

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