You Want Local Try Your Back Yard.

Mid-January, Mid-Week, Mid-life Muses

The pace at work since the new year has been quite frantic. I find myself sleeping late almost every morning. It’s cutting down on my musing time as I have my toast and coffee each morning. Some mornings it seems like I barely get through the email and important reader posts before I’m late for the daily road trip.

By the time my workday is over my brain is so fried from being plugged into a computer all day that all I want to do is have dinner, a glass of wine or two, and chill out with a book or a movie. Come the weekend it’s a mad rush to get the chores done before another turn through the week…

If it wasn’t for Google Reader I would probably lose track of all of the blogs I try to read. Thank you Google…

Email time:


You Want Local? Try Your Back Yard. –

You could say 2007 was the year of the “locavore,” a word coined by California food activist Jessica Prentice to describe people who eat food that is locally grown. While the New Oxford American Dictionary was declaring “locavore” the Word of the Year, shoppers were scurrying about in search of onions grown in nearby fields, beef grazed on local pastures, chickens who had come home to roost.

I always enjoy reading one of Barbara Damrosch‘s columns in the Washington  Post. This weeks posting was no exception. But the idea that caught my eye was this…

Landscapers are often asked to put in food gardens for customers. I used to do this once upon a time, and I found that instant veggie plots and apple trees brought their owners more pleasure than they got from yew hedges and junipers. In fact, if I were to nominate the job opportunity of 2008, it would be a specialty in implementing home food gardens. Call it foodscaping if you like, but I guarantee that if the practice takes hold, the apt word will emerge.

What a career idea for an enterprising young person. Foodscaper,  now that’s a job title that could take off…


 Time to run….

2 thoughts on “Mid-January, Mid-Week, Mid-life Muses”

  1. This model of Urban Farming has been created since 2006 by 2 women in Portland, OR They have created mini farms thru out the area, tended, maintained, harvested and created community amongst the farms. Check out the website to see what they are doing.

  2. Hi Donna, I just caught something on the TV about y’all up in Portland. I wish I lived closer it sounded like a real great idea.

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