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Tuesday Musing

One of the fun things about checking the visitor stats on this blog (and NC Mtn Dreams) is you sometimes stumble on someone who stumbled onto you. Just such a case happened this morning as I checked my email and munched on my toast. I started seeing referrals from a site called RedHead Art so off I went to check out the site and this was the first post I found…

RedHead Art: Gratitude

Today I am sharing one of my first paintings – i dont know how old i was, but we’ll say 10/11-ish. It is a rendition of the mountain cabin where I spent many summers with my grandmother. And it is quite a good rendition, if I do say so myself 🙂 It is exactly as I remember it…
The cabin was near Todd, North Carolina – which even today probably still only has a population of like, eleven.
It was in a valley of two mountain, tucked behind a working farm. Not five feet from the back door, was the fence to the cow pasture, which encompassed pretty much the whole grassy knoll of the mountain behind it. In front, there were stone steps (placed by my grandmother) that led right to a little stream, which trickled with the cold, fresh water over river rocks of every size. The cabin itself was small, only five rooms – two bedrooms, a kitchen, a great room which was our dining and living area, and a room off the kitchen – I am not sure what it was originally, but my grandmother had converted it into a bathroom.
We had electricity, but didn’t use it much. I remember reading by oil lamps and how they smelled.
We had plumbing, if you call a pipe that ran from a spring at the top of the mountain all the way to our kitchen sink, plumbing. I don’t even think it had a pump, the force of the water running down the mountain was enough. That water was so cold and refreshing. Bathing? The water had to be heated in tubs and poured into the claw foot, cast iron tub (and no, bathing did not happen every day!)

I enjoyed Melanie’s post so much I had to add her to my feed reader.

And I want to thank her for the link that led me back to her…Another of those little moments that makes blogging so much fun…

One thought on “Tuesday Musing”

  1. Thanks for the linkage!
    Love your blog – and insanely jealous that I am not living in the mountains!!
    I’ll get there… at least I am only a few hours away… for now that will have to do 🙂
    blessings to you and yours!

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