Slow Gardening and Felder Rushing

It’s been a while since I last mentioned Felder Rushing, so today’s podcast led me back to his websites. One of the first things I saw online about Felder was a reference to slow gardening…Here is a handout from Felder’s Slow Gardening Website

Slow Gardening Handout

Slow gardening isn’t lazy or passive gardening – it actually involves doing more stuff, carefully selected to be productive without senseless, repetitive chores. By focusing on seasonal rhythms and local conditions, it helps the gardener get more from the garden while better appreciating how leisure time – and energy are spent.

More than mere tips for easy gardening, it’s more about thinking “long haul” and taking it easy. Life has lots of pressures – why include them in the garden?

Some ways of slowing down in the garden:

Do yourself a favor, go check out some of the suggestions and start planning next years “Slow Garden”…

Do better. As Steve Bender, senior garden editor for Southern Living magazine says, “Maybe you can’t change the whole world. But by slightly modifying the way you garden, you can change your own back yard. And that’s a start.”

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