What a difference a day can make…

Yesterday morning at this time the temperature was in the 70’s today it’s in the 40’s. Other than light rain falling I like today’s temperature much better.


I see my ex-Gov is still at it. Compassionate Conservative that he is, he has been kicking SCHIP for a decade longer than most people think…

Bush vetoes second SCHIP-related bill | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle
WASHINGTON — President Bush vetoed legislation Wednesday that would have expanded government-provided health insurance for children, his second slap-down of a bipartisan effort in Congress to dramatically increase funding for the popular program.

It was Bush’s seventh veto in seven years — all but one coming since Democrats took control of Congress in January. Wednesday was the deadline for Bush to act or let the bill become law. The president also vetoed an earlier, similar bill expanding the health insurance program.

Bush vetoed the bill in private.

I guess he’s decided it doesn’t get him any bump to make a public spectacle of his use of the Veto Pen on this issue.

I thought he was wrong on this as gov and I think he is still wrong on this.



Time flies…And so should I…Later

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