The Saturday After the Thursday That Was and the Friday That Wasn’t

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We wandered over to my mother’s house about noon on Thursday carrying our contribution to the feast. Both of my brothers were already there. Of my sisters one had arrived and one was running late…So far everything was normal for the day. We stood around in Mom’s small kitchen putting finishing touches on the dishes and slicing the meat while we visited back and forth. After putting the buffet on the table for everyone to help themselves, most of the kitchen staff wandered outside and continued visiting. Shortly the prodigal sister arrived with her family tow.

As the afternoon wore on the grown grandkids with wives or girlfriends, offspring or none, made their appearance. Some needing driving instructions along the way (as usual). I would say that all in all this years gathering for the thanks went better than some over the years. No one seemed to get upset, no voices were raised, no overly energetic points needed to be made. We missed those who were unable to make it, enjoyed the visit with those that did. Hopefully, we can do it all again…next year.


The one unusual factor about this years day of thanks was the weather. It actually managed to feel like the end of November should feel. Cool not cold. The weather has managed to hang on since to. Lows in the 40’s highs in the 50′. Fall has finally blessed us here on the Texas Gulf Coast even if the view out my window this morning is almost entirely green. The oaks over the house are shedding their leaves in a slow swirl of brown while the wind is gusting out of the northeast.

The strange thing about our oaks is that until the leaves are ready to fall they don’t change colors, once the change they fall almost immediately leaving you with a still green tree until all of the leaves have fallen.

The only touch of color out my window is the splash of red down the road from the youpon holly trees/bushes in the neighbors front yard. every year at this time the bright red berries brighten the view from my kitchen window.


I have to confess we made a trip to the wally-mart yesterday. More to check out the uncrowded parking lot than to do any real shopping. I do not think I have ever seen the parking lot at WalMart that empty on a “Black Friday” in my life. If anything says something about our economy, WalMart’s parking lot on the Friday after Thanksgiving tells you just how uncertain people are feeling.


From our trip I offer up this shot I am extremely proud of.

From the top of Roaring Creek Road on the Side of Roan Mountain I caught a splash of sunlight running across the other side of the creek. I was amazed by the sight and amazed even more when it repeated itself a few minutes later. The series of shots I took show the light moving across this clearing twice…I hope you like it.

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