Oops, missed a day…

The mapping software I ordered from DeLorme arrived late on Wednesday night so Thursday morning was spent installing booth programs and checking the GPS receiver during my regular blogging time. I must say that what little time I’ve had to play with the software and the GPS sure has me impressed. What a great tool for exploring new locations…You will (almost) always know where you are.

Now it’s just a matter of whether I’ll get use them in the next two weeks…


Photo Friday: Strength

For a few hundred years this was strength enough…Now broken.

This week’s challenge: ‘Strength‘.

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 Time to head on in through the fog and trafffic for one last time before the vacation that may or may not be…See you all down the road.

2 thoughts on “Oops, missed a day…”

  1. Good luck with your GPS device! A friend of mine is spending this month exploring France and researched GPS toys for at least six months before departure (most hold either European OR North American data – rarely both). He finally found one in Belgium on ebay — but, due to the usual unfortunate events Life offers and to his chagrin, it didn’t arrive in time for his trip. He may this minute be wandering aimlessly in Lyon, cold and hungry — and hating all things Belgian.
    Keep us posted on your adventures – hope you have a fun, relaxing vacation.

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