After the front…

It always intrigues me when the weather goes topsy turvy. This morning when I arrived at the coffee pot the weather station on the shelf said the outside temperature was holding at 50°. The humidity reads 75%. Both readings are at least 20 points below what they were at the same time yesterday. Looking at my morning email weather forecast it appears that the Blue Ridge Mountains are running about 10° warmer from Boone to Floyd.

As the front moved through yesterday I happened to step outside of the office. The feel as the wind changed direction and speed in front of the black clouds moving across the sky. The sudden drop in temperature. The dust being swept down the road and across the sky. That’s what I look for in the fall…A change in the weather that you can see and feel, no ambiguity about it, Mother Nature announces the change in a great big way. Rain followed on the heels of the wind change but didn’t hang around long. The winds were pushing the clouds east in a hurry. There were clouds and wind hanging around until well after bedtime. An strong winds they were…Clanging the wind chimes against the side of the house all evening. No simple bell tones these…Bang, clang, clang, bang, bam…Not the happy tone you normally hear from wind chimes.

Even this morning the chimes are talking with louder tone than normal. But it’s not the clanging voice of last evening.


I found a note at my place at the kitchen table this morning from my youngest. It seems that as she was coming in last night she saw a deer crossing the road from our yard.

That has to be a first for this place. We have been here for over fifteen years and in all that time I haven’t even seen a deer track in the woods. I have seen sheep, potbellied pigs, a goat or two, and a couple of cow herds for sure, but not one deer. When it comes to wildlife we usually can only count on seeing opossums, armadillos, once in a great while a raccoon, and that one summer…skunks (they took up residence under the boy’s bedroom…what an odor).

We are in the city limits of a small city with relatively well settled neighborhoods around us. I guess it just goes to show you you never know what might wander out of a small patch of woods…


 It’s light out and the clock is screaming at me to move it on down the road…later.

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