Musing another week closer to the mountains…

The long overdue trip into the Blue Ridge Mountains is almost here (knock on wood). I almost feel like I shouldn’t even think about it unless I jinx the whole affair.

This trip is about as unstructured (and unplanned) as any we have ever done. No kids(?), no agendas, just a few must sees on the list. Must do the Biltmore (her), Grandfather (him), Valle Crucis Mast Store (both), Floyd (him), Monticello (her). That is the plan, and all of the plan that exists. So we’ll just drive east till we hit a turning point and then meander our way north until we run out of time and have to head home.

A two week mountain road trip. The only thing wrong is the timing. We will leave the fall colors pretty early on the drive north from the looks of the photo’s coming in from Marie and Mark and Liz. The sad part is our timing was forced on us by a scheduled surgery on a co-worker of my wife’s that was canceled last month…No Valle Country Fair, no peak colors on Grandfather…Just cool autumn temperatures…Right guys…cool autumn temperatures?


“We must learn to see the world anew.” – Albert Einstein

Or maybe…We need to see the world as it was through the eyes of the child we once were…


Writing this morning ran out of time before it ran out of thoughts…work is calling me like the sirens of Greek myth…gotta get to it.

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