Saturday Shorts……..

“What politics has become, requires a level of tolerance for triviality and artifice and nonsense that I have found in short supply.” – Al Gore


The MSM has been abuzz ever since the announcement with the question of Al Gore running for President. I have just one question…Why? Why are they continuing to speculate? Why would he? Just why?

What has become of journalism in this country when the biggest stories of the day aren’t about what happened, but are about what the reporter wants to happen in order to “make a good story”. The actual news is now trumped by the preconceptions of the “journalist”.

We seem to have lost the root of the word journalism. It is getting to the point where little of journalism is actually journaling. Why is that? Why has it become so hard to report the facts? When did Fox News “Fair and Balanced” become the mandate for all news organizations? When did “He said, She said” become the reporting style to be preferred without the least little bit of fact checking. When did 49 Republicans and 1 Independent Democrat become a bipartisan group of Senators?

I find myself just wondering…Why?


Day is breaking and the weather is about as fall-like as we will see until winter comes along, so I think I’ll run along outside and see if I can’t find something to photograph….Later

From my walk….

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