Weekend musing

After shopping around in our electrical supply market here in Texas, I can tell you, I sure don’t feel like I’ve saved any money over the past decade. If anything it seems like the only winners have been the old utilities. And to find out the chief author of the de-regulation now is working for the power companies doesn’t make it feel any better…

Many call energy deregulation a failure | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

WHEN Texas law-makers agreed to open the state’s power markets to competition back in 1999, one promise was on the tip of many tongues — lower prices.”Competition in the electric industry will benefit Texans by reducing monthly rates and offering consumers more choices about the power they use,” then-Gov.
George W. Bush said at the time.

Then-state Sen. David Sibley, who was a key author of the bill, put the promise more bluntly:

”If all consumers don’t benefit from this, we will have wasted our time and failed our constituency,” he said.

Eight years later, many consumers are calling deregulation just that — a failed waste of time.

It really does seem like a waste of time and money…unless you are the ex-utility that is. Sadly the only truth in ex-Governor Bush’s statement is we have more choices. But then he gave the CEO’s a tax cut…they’re happy anyway.


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