Musing into the middle of the first week of autumn

The Blog of Henry David Thoreau: Thoreau’s Journal: 03-Oct-1859

Thoreau’s Journal: 03-Oct-1859
It is somewhat cooler and more autumnal. A great many leaves have fallen and the trees begin to look thin. You incline to sit in a sunny and sheltered place. This season, the fall, which we have now entered on, commenced, I may say, as long ago as when the first frost was seen and felt in low ground in August. From that time, even, the year has been gradually winding up its accounts. Cold, methinks, has been the great agent which has checked the growth of plants, condensed their energies, and caused their fruits to ripen, in September especially. Perchance man never ripens within the tropics.

It would seem that the year 1859 was much cooler than this. I doubt much of anywhere not above 12,000 ft in elevation has felt frost this year in August…But I just noticed the outside temperature is 65° this morning…Autumn has arrived.

At least it has for the next few days…


Another reason to thank the New York Times…Maureen Dowd  just isn’t syndicated around these parts.

Sinking in a Swamp Full of Blackwater – New York Times

Americans have been antimercenary since the British sent 30,000 German Hessians after George Washington in the Revolutionary War.But W. outsourced his presidency to Cheney and Rummy, and Cheney and Rummy went to war on the cheap and outsourced large chunks of the Iraq occupation to Halliburton and Blackwater. The American taxpayer got gouged, and so did the American reputation.

This is probably the best description I have seen of the past six years yet. George W can go down in history as the man who outsourced to Presidency.

You really have to wonder at the inconsistencies of this President. Lower taxes on the rich, outsource every function of government until they cost multiples more than they ever did in the past…Just make sure the profits for these services now rest in the hands of those very same tapayers whose taxes you cut…Gotta love the man. He is an honest politician as defined long ago in another era…An honest politician is one who stays bought. And if there is one thing you can say about George the younger, he does leave with the one’s that brung’em, to paraphrase Molly Ivins…


 It’s that time again…Yall have a great fall day….

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