Weekend muses for a seasons transition.

It looks like I’ve had one of my domains phished spoofed. All morning long the spam folder has been filling up with undelivered mail receipts. Since around 5am this morning there have been over 2,000 undelivered messages. Almost makes you wonder how many must have gotten through. I am sure most email clients are tagging the messages as spam (at least I hope they are), so with any luck these lowlifes aren’t getting anything for their efforts. (Update: 9/24 – My mistake in identifying the type of attack. The bounces are still coming in three days later. It appears from a who-is search that the site that spoofed my domains email was just bought on Sat and is registered in Russia. With close to 5000 undelivered email notices, you have to wonder how many have gotten through.)

In the time I’ve spent writing this another 200 messages have hit my spam folder. You would think that someone would have written a program that bounced these things back at the actual originator by now.


It’s another of those days that start out below 70°. It’s also another of those days where we will see actual temperatures in the low 90’s and feels-like temperatures will probably hit close to 100…Ya just gotta love Texas fall weather.

Catch ya’ll on Monday….I got things to do and people to see…

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