Fall…Well, it’s in the air.

When I wandered in to the kitchen for that first cup of coffee this morning the weather station on the shelf informed me that the outside temperature was at 70°. I didn’t even bother to look at the humidity so I can’t report what it might have been but the cooler, drier air that has filtered in should have kept it down lower than normal.

I fired up the laptopand started the morning ritual of reading the news, the views and the blogs before checking email. By the time I wandered through all of the above the sun was starting to light up the world outside the my back door. The light on the trees out back pulled me out with my camera so I ended up heading for work with wet, grass covered dress shoes…such is the life of a goofy amateur photog.

Here’s the results for what they are worth…

Red Jeep at Sunrise

The view that pulled me out the back door….


Are we headed for another surprise tropical storm? Dr. Jeff Masters at Wunder Blog : Weather Underground seems to think it’s possible…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Wunder Blog : Weather Underground

Gulf of Mexico and Western Caribbean development?
The four reliable computer models for forecasting tropical cyclone genesis continue to predict that a tropical storm will pop up in the Western Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico by Thursday. The forecasted storm is expected to move westward into Texas by Sunday. However, steering currents will be complicated by the expected formation of an upper-level low pressure system over the Gulf of Mexico later this week. The Yucatan Peninsula, western Cuba, northern Gulf Coast, and Florida Gulf Coast could also be at risk.


Ya’ll have a great day…

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