It’s Friday, where is your head at?

Had I written that sentence in my earlier years someone would have answered “between the “A” and the “T” to remind me about ending a sentence with a proposition or some such semi-remembered sentence structural rule. Now, in my crotchety elderhood, I just do it anyway…

The drive home from work yesterday was beautiful. Not at all what we were expecting. What a change in outlook twenty-four hours can bring. The sun was shining, the sky was full of those smaller cottonball clouds spaces almost grid like over the entire blueness that made up the background. The change from the Wednesday drive could not have been greater.

It looks like the computer models that had Humberto coming back around to slip back into the Gulf were optimistic. Not that I imagine the Southeastern US is complaining about the chance of rain he is bringing.


I know I quote Leon Hale a lot here, I hope he doesn’t mind. I have come to the conclusion that what Mr. Hale has been doing for the last sixty years or so is pretty much the same thing we are now calling blogging. His columns have always had that same talking with you flavor of a goo blog, never that talking at you feel. His traveling around the state and telling you what he saw and who he talked with and what they had to say…It all feels like what a lot of us are doing today. The big difference seems to be in the feedback side of the equation…His comments came back by snail-mail in the earlier days while a bloggers comments are straight to the page or be email.

Leon has joined the rest of us bloggers in writing a blog along with his columns for the paper. Seems that is a new job requirement for most newsprint columnists these days. You have to add blogging to your other duties at the paper. Not that I am complaining, I usually find Leon’s blog posts interesting and the comments are always a hoot.

Yesterday’s post at his blog was enough to make me think about my own life a bit.

Leon Hale: Decisions, decisions

September 13, 2007
Decisions, decisions

What I’ve decided, about decisions, is that there’s no such thing as a minor one. Because no matter how unimportant a decision seems at the time it’s made, it could turn out to be major.

One of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made, maybe the biggest of my life, had to do with whether I would attend a movie or not. This was when I was a senior in college, about to graduate, looking for a job, and jobs were plenty scarce then. Two friends came by my room, on the way to a movie. They asked me to go with them. I decided not to go.

Like Leon I am sure we all have times we can recall when our life would have taken a turn had we just done one thing different. But like him I sometimes wonder…

Sometimes I still think about that movie I missed. Wonder if it was any good.


The road calls…works awaiting…more later.

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