Tropical Storm Humberto – Update

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Tropical Storm Humberto is steadily gaining strength as it closes in on the Texas coast near Freeport. Radar animations from Houston show a well-defined circulation, with plenty of low-level spiral bands wrapping around the center. Humberto is organizing quickly, and it is a good thing it has less than 12 hours remaining over water. Despite the rather intimidating appearance of Humberto on radar, the winds have not shown a major increase yet.

The drive south out of Houston this evening was impressive with Humberto sitting in the Gulf. Light rain (very light) was falling as I got close to home. Luckily the track is veering more easterly as the storm moves closer. That will put us on the drier side of the track. Updates to follow…

One thought on “Tropical Storm Humberto – Update”

  1. My brother Dan was still alive and living in Houston when it got majorly flooded. Were you there then? About ten years ago.

    Guess it’s about time I change your old link to this one.

    Hope you’re doing well, Gary.

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