TGIF – There is talk on the airways of a cold front coming…

There has been talk the past few days by the weather prognosticators of a cold front heading for these parts. Now granted, at this time of year a weather change that lowers the high temperatures into the mid 80’s for a day or two passes for a cold front. Me, I call them a cold front in September when they drop the lows into the mid to lower 60’s…Now that’s cold.


I caught a reference to this story in my Google Reader this morning and had to chase it to it’s source…Thanks Ethicurean.

Democrat & Chronicle: Local News

(September 4, 2007) — CANANDAIGUA — Danny Wegman, CEO of Wegmans Food Markets Inc., sends his buyers around the world in search of products to sell in his upscale grocery chain.To Thailand for shrimp. To France and Italy for cheeses. To South America for winter fruit.

But this summer, he and his wife, Stency, are supplying Wegmans’ Canandaigua store with fresh, organically cultivated produce that is grown less than 10 miles away, near the couple’s Canandaigua Lake home.

The Wegmans Organic Research Farm, which sits on nearly 50 bucolic acres owned by the family along West Lake Road in Canandaigua, is in its first year of production. The farm’s mission, according to Wegman, is to provide locally grown fruits, vegetables and honey to nearby Wegmans stores and, eventually, to serve as an educational model for local growers, employees and consumers who want to learn about organic food production.

This sounds like a good idea on some levels but leaves me with a feeling that they are missing something. There is a level of supporting local farmers in most of the “eat local” creeds out there. While I applaud their desire to do something in this regard, it seems to me that a grant to one of the established research centers would go further than creation of a new one. All in all though, any movement to organics and local production are good ones…


Time to hit the road…later.

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