Eugene Robinson – Good Morning, Vietnam! –

I spend most of my time these days trying to ignore the insane direction that George W Bush and his enablers have taken this country for the past six years. Then the White House comes up with a strategy to push one of their failed agendas that screams out for the white coats. Eugene Robinson says it better than most…

The most fascinating aspect of George W. Bush’s no-holds-barred campaign to keep Congress from meddling in his foolish and tragic war is the way he has begun invoking the Vietnam War — not as a cautionary lesson about hubris and futility but as a reason to push ahead (whatever “ahead” might mean) in Iraq.

But the photo ops of this weekend don’t prove much of anything. Dropping unanounced into a safe zone doesn’t a proof make.

But seeking support for the war in Iraq by reminding the nation about Vietnam? I’d feel better if I thought this was just some exquisitely subtle, deeply cynical gambit, yet I have the sinking feeling that Bush actually believes the nonsensical version of history he’s peddling. I fear the man is on a mission to rewrite the past.

Actually, it’s more of the old saw about those who “don’t remember history being destined to repeat it.” Everyone knows that George W doesn’t remember much of the late 60’s and the early 70’s. That was prime party time for the President in training.

I heard a soldier in Iraq quoted over the weekend. His comment was that if the President wants him to serve another 15 months, the President should bring it on. Bring his own ass over and put it on the line for the 15 months. This brave American soldier, said if the President would serve right beside him, he’d do another 15 months for no pay. Otherwise, Mr President, get out of the way and bring the boys home.

Source: Eugene Robinson – Good Morning, Vietnam! –