Labor Day on a cloudy, rainy Monday.

Status Report: The remodeling of our lone bathroom was finally completed yesterday after noon. We have spent the last day finding the little nicks and dings that will be driving the wife crazy as we learn to live with the new setup. The punch list isn’t too long just yet but my advice for the contractor is to get it knocked out quick, ’cause it ain’t gonna get any shorter…

I got the first shower in the new setup late last evening and I like way the tub is set up. We picked up one of the curved hotel style rod for the shower curtain. It sure makes it nice, when your shoulders are as wide as mine, not to be bumping curtain and wall.


The ribs are in the smoker and I’ll be putting the  sausage in soon. Sherry has the potato salad done, the cole slaw in the fridge, beens ready for the oven. Time to de-silk the corn so it can go on the grill as soon as the meat comes off…If the rain will just bypass us for a bit longer the Labor Day bar-b-que will be a great success (if anyone shows up).


Take a run over to Via Negativa to see the entries for the International Rock Flipping Day. I am sorry I missed the opportunity to flip a rock. I guess I’ll have to find me a rock to put in the yard for next years IRFD…


It looks like another week will be spent watching the tropics.  Since Felix decided to run from a Cat 1 to a Cat 5 in one day the weather outlook could get dicey around  the Gulf along about the weekend…Keeping  an eye on the weather, I will be.

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