Who Are You? – New York Times

Who Are You? – New York Times

I KNOW you. I know you well. It’s true I always have a little trouble with your name, but I do know your name. I just don’t know it at this moment..Have we met? I think we’ve met. But I can’t be sure. We were introduced, but I didn’t catch your name because it’s so noisy at this party. I’m going to assume we know each other, and I’m not going to say, “Nice to meet you.”

Old friends? We must be. You’re delighted to see me. I’m delighted to see you. But who are you?

Nora Ephron, the author, most recently, of “I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman,” is a contributing columnist for The Times.

Take a minute and go read the article…it had me chuckling for a while…

2 thoughts on “Who Are You? – New York Times”

  1. OK, I know this comes with age, and I’m thrilled to BE my age… but a couple of weeks ago when I was checking in for a flight to Las Vegas the attendant greeted me cheerfully, took my ID and asked, “…and where are you going today?” I stood there like the robot in The Day The Earth Stood Still and said nothing……I couldn’t remember where in the hell is was going. Disneyland? No, that was two years ago. Paris? No, last year, and this coming September. I started to panic, thinking he would call security for sure – this terrorist masquerading as a grandma didn’t know her destination! Not to worry… he just checked my boarding pass and told me… I was on my way to Las Vegas. Thank God one of us knew……..

  2. But isn’t it so much nicer when it happens to someone else and they give you permission to enjoy the outcome? Since this isn’t MySpace, I’m sure way too many of us can feel at least a bit of sympathy…And yes, empathy for the feelings expressed in the piece.

    My own personal hell is talking to the significant others in my children’s lives while racking my brain for the name on the tip of my tongue. I know these people, I know their name…why does my brain play games with me? Age I’m sure…I agree…..EEEEK

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