Food or Not Food?

I am in the process of working my way through Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle…A Year of Food Life, so be prepared to see more on the state of American food.

Every day that goes by I read another article on the epidemic of obesity in this country…And another article on the record corn and soy crops to be expected this year. The prediction is for higher prices to go along with those record crops.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle – News and Updates

Have you ever wondered why fast food is cheap – in spite of all the fossil fuels and processing that were required to make it – while simple, unprocessed organic produce is relatively more expensive?

This puzzle has a two-word answer: Farm Bill.

The U.S. government urges us to eat more fruits and vegetables, but our agricultural programs offer virtually no assistance to fruit and vegetable farmers. Organic growers, furthermore, have to pay out of pocket for the costs of certifying and inspecting their own farms. By contrast, the inspection and regulation of “conventional” (non-organic) farms, feedlots, slaughterhouses, packing and processing plants are paid for by our taxes. Our subsidies guarantee the cheap supply of processed corn- and soybean-based carbohydrates and fats that dominate the menus of our school lunch programs and fast-food chains. Childhood obesity and early-onset diabetes have reached unprecedented levels in our country. It’s no coincidence that this is an American problem – it’s directly related to the U.S. government’s farm and nutrition policies.

I hope my continued posting on this subject will not sound (or get) obsessive. If it does, send me a note. I don’t promise to stop, but, I’ll be happy to know I’m at least being heard…Later

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