Tuesday Musing – Day +6

The whole time I was doing the seven weeks of radiation the technicians and the nurses warned me that the two to three weeks after the treatment ended would be bad to worse…They spoke truth. The burns on my neck didn’t begin to manifest until after the last treatment was through. The internal pain while much the same level as the last few weeks has not lessened at all. If anything, yawning is a bigger pain than ever before.

I’m sure this will pass and the voice will come back…It’s tough being the father of a teenage daughter and unable to raise your voice.

I said it at the time, but I truly wish I kept my mouth shut about the weather…Seems like I barely posted my comments before the heat came pouring down on us from up north. When both the temperature and the humidity are in the 90’s…Well, it ain’t pretty. The next time the weather is being relatively nice remind me to shut up…Please?

I received an email from Mother Jones Magazine today with the following link:

Adopt the Sky – Sign the petition for cleaner air

Run on over and sign up to adopt your own square mile of sky over America. Mine is in South Carolina. As a person who grew up with asthma, I can relate to their drive to clean up the air. My childhood asthma was caused by an allergic reaction to sulfur. Funny how that worked out since my Grandpa worked in a sulfur refinery/mine. Add to that the location of my childhood home was just about a mile south of the Houston Ship Channel and all of the petrochemical plants that lined it. For years visits to my grandparents would guarantee an asthma attack. Every release of sulfuric acid into the air from the plants would also trigger an attack, and those releases were not that rare in Houston during the 1960’s and ’70’s. I missed a lot of school during those years due to being up half the night fighting for breath.

Sign their petition…Every child deserves to breath clean air…While you are at it, stop by the Earthjustice site and sign up for their email notifications. If you are going to piss off the politicians, you might as well do it for a good cause. Besides, I just love their tagline…Because the Earth needs a good lawyer. I know…It’s just so Liberal of me.

On a personal note, while I am recuperating around the house I am managing to finally paint the living and dining room of our house. We bought the paint about a year ago but could never find the time when someone wasn’t in the room to actually slap it on the walls. Since the last time these walls were painted was when we moved in…Well, let’s just say they really needed a fresh coat of paint. I am not rushing…I am taking it easy ya know. One wall a day…one wall of trim. No hurry, it will get done this week. Call it meditation with a brush.

The morning has run and so should I…

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