End of July, Twenty O’Seven

Today’s number is 34…Only one more day to go.

As I was rambling through the news today, reading the stories out of Washington, and the comments from readers, I was struck with a wild and crazy idea. My idea was to give the veto power to the people. In addition to allowing the President to veto bills and Congress to then override his veto, let’s put every law signed by the President, every Executive Order issued by the President, and every law passed but vetoed by the President on the ballot each year in November. Allow the people to decide if the outcome of the past year’s political game playing was worth it or if they need to be sent back to the locker room.

Each law passed or vetoed will be given the chance to appeal directly to the American voter, the real rulers of this country. If a special interest group manages to pass a law and get it signed but it doesn’t live up to the hype or doesn’t help to solve a problem for a large enough constituency, they can vote it out. If a vetoed bill appeals to a majority of American’s they can overrule the President.

We elect leaders not regents, but, lately our “leaders” have been forgetting their place. They keep misconstruing their leadership position with rulership. A President is not a King. He is a man. And men are subject to being wrong. When leaders can no longer see their own mistakes, it’s time to remind them of who and what they are…The servants of the people. It’s time for we the people to remind our servants whom they work for…It’s time to take the power back…Again.

The more I watch the political dance play out in Washington, the madder I get. Too many of the leaders in Washington have forgotten what it was they pledged to do when they took their oath of office. There is one thing required above all others in public service, sadly it seems to be going out of style…That one requirement is honesty. Without honesty there can be no trust and without trust there can be no democracy. The argument can be made in both directions. But a failure at any point, causes the others to be mute. Honesty, trust, democracy…The backbone of America. And today in Washington there is no trust…When cabinet officials can be dishonest, when presidential advisors can be dishonest, when the word of the President himself is not trusted we no longer have a democracy. To put off the constitutional remedy because it is hard, to wait out the term of office of any government official rather than call them to account for their words, their actions, their inactions in the face of duty…That my friends is the constitutional crisis we now face. If our leaders cannot or will not do their constitutional duty they should face the same fate as those whose malfeasance has put this Republic in this state.

Call me partisan, call me liberal, call me what you will, but this administration has stepped over the line…Time and time again there actions have pushed the boundaries of legality. While they proclaim themselves to be strict constitutionalists they follow an interpretation of the constitution not evident from the writings and discussions recorded by the framers. It is time to remind them they are subjects of the same laws as the rest of us.

If you’ve made it this far through this rant, I thank you for the indulgence and your time. I am finding it harder to continue to keep quiet about the injustices this government continues to foist on the American People. While I make no promises, I will try to refrain from making these types of posts on a regular basis.

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