Monday in paradise…time for a weather change?

The days number is 33…after today just two to go.

This weekend brought the end of an era to our house. I finally  broke down and bought our first replacement television with digital tuning. Had I known how clear of the air broadcasts could be with just a set of old fashioned rabbit ears I would have broken down and done it sooner…Well, probably not. The TV’s are just now reaching the price feature break point that sold me on a new model.  Since most of my viewing is prerecorded movies and dvd television series, the tuning upgrade only insures my ability to avoid the cable companies for the foreseeable future.

I  had my falling out with the Cable guys in the early 80’s and haven’t missed their overpriced pablum since. As a matter of fact, as my travels to places with the multitude of channels has proven, I have a big problem even finding anything to watch when held captive in a hotel room with nothing else to to.

I think the thing that amazed me when I was setting up the tv was the number of channels available off the air. We appear at this time to have almost 30 digital channels available right now. Granted, it looks like over half are Spanish language programing…This is Texas after all.

But the big, bright, clear clear picture sure makes movies great…Standard DVD’s look so good in fact I will be hard press to upgrade to the newer high def models…

On the news front, I see the AG is still in the lime light. He might have a problem now though. The articles I am seeing are reaching back into Texas and the pre-White House  days…That is not what this President wants. After almost a decade of getting everyone to forget about his pre-presidential history, to have reporters start doing due diligence now has to seem mighty unfair to George W. Bush. He managed to tiptoe through a Governors race and then a Presidential race without that kind of news reporting…Why start now? From my point of view, better late than never…I am sure George W doesn’t share my view. Oh well, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

I’m gonna call this one quits for now…Check back later for more non-news.

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