Tuesday, Twenty fourth day of July, Twenty O’Seven

The number for today is 29…

I spent a chunk of yesterday afternoon riding the John Deere. I discovered we are totally saturated since I was driving through standing water in places I have never seen standing water twenty hours after a rain…I guess now is the time to ask for a reprieve on that tropical storm we will probably be getting this year. Seems like this part of the country always gets a slow moving tropical storm after weeks of rain have totally saturated the ground and filled the ditches, bayous, and streams…

Looking out the window right now I am beginning to wonder if the weather prognosticators were correct in predicting another mostly clear day…It actually seems darker now than it did 30 minutes ago.

Garrison brings us “Becoming” for today’s piece of poetic justice…

Nowhere is it the same place as yesterday.
None of us is the same person as yesterday.
We finally die from the exhaustion of becoming.
This downward cellular jubilance is shared
by the wind, bugs, birds, bears and rivers,
and perhaps the black holes in galactic space
where our souls will all be gathered in an invisible
thimble of antimatter. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

“Becoming” by Jim Harrison, from Saving Daylight. © Copper Canyon Press, 2006.

Garrison also passes on the word that this is John D McDonald’s (1916-1986) birthday. Another of those authors I grew up on who had an inordinate influence upon my early development. I guess if you had to pick a role model, Travis McGee would be a pretty good model to try to emulate…Big hearted beach bum and all…Happy birthday John and thanks for the hours of pleasure and good adventure you brought.

Time has run out on my musings once again…time for a refill for the road…

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