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For all of us Newbie WordPress bloggers…Keyboard Shortcuts

Via Lifehacker

TipMonkies » Blog Archive » WP: KeyBoard Shortcuts
These are shortcuts you can use in the wordpress post editor.

Bold: Alt SHIFT b
Italics: Alt SHIFT i
Link: Alt SHIFT a
Blockquote: Alt SHIFT q
Code: Alt SHIFT c
Read More: Alt SHIFT t

Unordered List (ul): Alt SHIFT u
Ordered List (ol): Alt SHIFT o
List Item (li): Alt SHIFT l

At least in some browsers, the shortcuts may not work exactly like the menu buttons above the edit box. For example, the menu buttons will correctly wrap tags around a highlighted text selection. The shortcuts frequently do not.

Add to the above list:

Show Advanced Toolbar in Visual Editor: Alt Shift v

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