Weekend Mind Meld

This image caught my eye yesterday so I dropped it here. What it reminded me of was a Mandelbrot Fractal like the ones I used to spend hours generating and exploring back a decade ago or more. The mathematics and graphics were so intensive on those old 286 and 386 Intel computers that it would sometimes take hours to generate one image. Many generations of computers ago I had folders full of images that looked a lot like this one from NASA. Call it

Eye Candy for a Saturday Morning

Triangulum Galaxy

The spiral galaxy M33 also is called the Triangulum Galaxy for the constellation in which it resides. About four times smaller (in radius) than our Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), it is much larger than the many of the local dwarf spheroidal galaxies. The galaxy’s proximity to M31 causes it to be thought by some to be a satellite galaxy of this more massive galaxy.

In the above picture, visible light is shown in red and ultraviolet light superposed in blue. Stars in M33 are the most distant ever to be studied spectroscopically.

Image credit: NASA, UIT


I have been spending an inordinate amount of time learning how to tweak this latest WordPress Theme. When I first started this site I looked for a three column theme I liked. I didn’t find one…Then after Fred First’s initial migration of Fragments From Floyd to WordPress he picked this theme for it’s header image integration. He was throwing out general questions and I needed to learn more about WordPress and php programing so I pulled down a copy of the theme and started playing. The more I played the more I liked the overall theme. While some features I had become used to were not integrated into this 3 column theme, I rapidly figured out how to add most of what I found missing. I am sure as I continue to play I will find other features to incorporate, but, so far I am feeling more and more at home.

I was checking my Sitemeter report and discovered I forgot to add the code to the new theme so for a day and a half it wasn’t counting…Sad thing is my other stats packages tell me that was the best day’s traffic this site has seen…Oh well, code’s added now.

I would say it’s time for me to get busy, but the weather outside is looking pretty dang gloomy…I need to ride the lawn tractor around, but it needs to dry out a bit first.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Mind Meld”

  1. I’m feeling better with the cutline theme, but still have miles to go. Thanks for your initial gentle pushes and pulls to get me publicly presentable. Next, I need to see if i can get adsense back, using Adsense Deluxe plugin. Doug is still working on my archives. I dunno.

  2. Hey Fred, I noticed you were moving right along. FFF is lookin’ good today. As you can see I still running a modified Cutline myself…
    For Adsense I’m using the Adsense Manager…It seems to work pretty well.

    Not to add anything to your To-Do list but at the bottom of every page is a link to a sitemap page. All you need to do is create a new page and pick sitemap as the template to apply…Save it and it’s there…You don’t have to add any content or anything…Archives page works the same way.

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