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I see my Congressman is still stirring the pot…

When U.S. Rep. Ron Paul recently gave the keynote address at a ceremony presenting overdue medals to 24 veterans, he talked about patriotism, the country’s debt owed to veterans, the need for a strong military and strong personal freedom.

What he didn’t mention was that he’s running for president.

Nobody else on the program said anything about his presidential campaign or even that he’s also running for an 11th term in Congress.

“It didn’t seem appropriate,” Paul, R-Lake Jackson, said after the July 3 ceremony.

Source: Texas candidate takes low-key approach at home – Houston Chronicle

I think the good Doctor should pull out that copy of the Constitution he carries and re-read the section on the powers of the different branches. I know it would probably cost him his election in both races, but it’s time for all the members of this congress to ask themselves the hard questions about this administration. If he’s honest with himself and his principles, Dr. Paul should be lining up at the front of the line to lead all of the other Representatives in the Congress to push to hold this administration accountable fo their unconstitutional power grab.

He is already on record as having agreed it is called for…Back in 2006 before the midterm elections.

In July 2006, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) stated on Alex Jones‘ radio show “I would have trouble arguing that he’s been a Constitutional President, and once you violate the Constitution and be proven to do that I think these people should be removed from office.”
Source: Movement to impeach George W. Bush – Wikipedia

“Congress has generously ignored the Constitution while the President flaunts it, the courts have ignored it and they get in the business of legislating so there’s no respect for the rule of law.” said Paul.

“When the Presidents signs all these bills and then adds statements after saying I have no intention of following it – he’s in a way signing it and vetoing – so in his mind he’s vetoing a lot of bills, in our mind under the rule of law he hasn’t vetoed a thing.”

Source: Rep. Congressman: Bush and Congress Violated The US Constitution –

Well, Dr. Paul, it looks like it’s time to take a stand…Start doing what your ideals demand…Call this President to account for his Crimes against the Constitution.

Let’s just call the above an open letter to my Congressman and leave it at that…

For more info on what’s at stake here:

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