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I hope some of you out there were able to catch Bill Moyers Journal last night. It was one of the strongest cases I have seen made to date in favor of impeaching both the President and the Vice-President. The thing that impressed me the most was that the strongest arguments were made by Bruce Fine from a conservative strictly constitutional point of view. I am not going to try to do a synopsis here, do yourself a favor and go watch the video or read the transcript at (link below). If the arguments made don’t open your eyes to the constitutional abuse we are living through, you need to see an optometrist.

Bill Moyers talks with Bruce Fein and John NicholsBILL MOYERS: One of the fellows you’re about to meet wrote the first article of impeachment against President Clinton. Bruce Fein did so because perjury is a legal crime. And Fein believed no one is above the law. A constitutional scholar, Bruce Fein served in the Justice Department during the Reagan administration and as general counsel of the Federal Communications Commission. Bruce Fein has been affiliated with conservative think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation and now writes a weekly column for THE WASHINGTON TIMES and

He’s joined by John Nichols, the Washington correspondent for THE NATION and an associate editor of the CAPITOL TIMES. Among his many books is this most recent one, THE GENIUS OF IMPEACHMENT: THE FOUNDERS’ CURE FOR ROYALISM. Good to see you both. Bruce, you wrote that article of impeachment against Bill Clinton. Why did you think he should be impeached?

Source: Bill Moyers Journal . Transcripts | PBS

That’s it for this morning…Go read, go watch, go get mad…Then do something, write an email, call your member of congress, write a letter to the editor of your local paper. It’s time we forced our elected officials to take their job seriously.

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  1. Gary — Thanks for posting the Bill Moyers link — it was VERY interesting, and terrifying on so many levels.

    I’ve posted a blurb about it on my blog, and linked to yours. I appreciate the heads up.

    Hope you’re doing well with your health issues…


  2. You are welcome Cynthia. I appreciate the link and the kind words on your blog. As for the health, another couple of weeks or so with the radiation and then we’ll see how good the docs were at their prognosis…So far I feel pretty good all things considered.

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