Sunday Headlines?

This caught my eye this morning in the Houston Chronicle…

They’re scattered across Houston’s neighborhoods like pebbles flung from someone’s hand. Now, almost two years into their Houston experience, this displaced population roughly the size of Beaumont longs for an identity free of Hurricane Katrina.

Two years later…This is how the most powerful nation on Earth takes care of it’s own in this day of “compassionate” conservatism? Who would have thought having, listened to the rhetoric coming from George Bush in the run up to the 2000 election, that after two years almost a quarter of New Orleans would still be living in exile in Texas?

As the second anniversary of Katrina approaches, leaders of agencies helping evacuees expect most of the estimated 100,000 living in Houston to remain here for the foreseeable future, if not permanently.

We should all be aware of the way this country protects it’s own in crisis. It could be you or me who is hit by the next disaster…Do you feel safe? We have 100,000 citizens from New Orleans, most of whom would like to go home, stuck in limbo in Houston. Mostly they are trying to make a liveing and carry on with life. Many of these will never go home simply because they will be settled here before home is ready to receive them…If it ever will.
Take a few minutes and go read the whole article…It’ll remind you, the Katrina victims are still victims.
Source:Two years later, ‘Houstorleanians’ still in transition | – Houston Chronicle

On another note:

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