Saturday – The end of June, Twenty O’Seven

As I was reading my email and feeds I hit a link from Earth & Sky Blogs that led to the following video.

“See” how the world is changing.

Visual imagery can tell stories and truths which would be very hard to capture and communicate otherwise.

Hans Rosling, Professor of International Health, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden since 1998, uses beautiful animated charts and minimalistic diagrams to explain the world we live in. Poverty, money and health can be seen at once shaping or being shaped by world events, technology and the passing of time.

This is a beautiful lesson in visual communication. A must view for any serious presenter.

Take 20 minutes and watch the presentation. I think it will open your eyes, I know it opened mine. If it doesn’t leave you asking hard questions afterwards, I’ll be surprised…

2 thoughts on “Saturday – The end of June, Twenty O’Seven”

  1. Beverly, I hope it does spread. The data was very informative and the presentation was amazing. It sure opened my eyes.

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