We are up to ten…ten little cosmic Indians.

As I was perusing through the morning emails the daily forecast started me thinking. Back on our first summer trip to the mountains in August of 2003 the folk down in town of Valle Crucis were all talking about the uncommonly hot weather they were having. I want to say the temperatures were in the middle 80’s. All spring and now summer this year the temperatures have been in that same range. What is that doing to the already stressed ecology of the Blue Ridge Mountains? The memory that stands out weather wise from that trip was our drive up to Beech Mountain. Eating pizza at the restaurant on top in the misty clouds at about 60 degrees was great. We’ve been back every trip (and I’ve managed to get lost each time trying to wander down off the mountain).

Eugene Robinson has a column in the Post this morning that says pretty much what I feel about the current administration in Washington. It starts like this…

I’m often asked why, given my lower-than-low opinion of this administration, I don’t at least raise the subject of whether George W. Bush should be impeached. I answer with three scary words that tend to end the discussion: President Dick Cheney.

Then again, Cheney would probably think of moving into the Oval Office as a demotion.

Source: Eugene Robinson – ‘Angler’ For Power – washingtonpost.com

Time for the morning drive…I’ll catch ya later.

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