9th In The Series – Atomizing into the Future

Today will be the 9th radiation treatment of 35. You could say we are about a quarter of the way through. The strange thing about these treatments is you never know from one day to the next how your voice will react. Saturday everyone said my voice was stronger, Sunday I was whispery, today it’s stronger but scratchy.

Weather Map June 25 amTurns out my remark about sunblock yesterday was true. Heat , humidity, and sun…the bane of southern summers. Today though, started out wet and will probably be that way most of the day…As yo can see we are already getting some really good thunderstorms rolling in off the Gulf. The forecast calls for each day this week to be wetter than the one before it. Judging by the drive to work this morning, this week could be interesting. For those of you who have never lived on a coastal plain, let me put it this way…Water falling at 1-2 inches per hour sits where it falls. There is no real appreciable runoff in this area until the rain stops…So you get lots of standing water in every rainstorm. A few days of tis and the ground gets saturated so nothing new added to the rainfall totals gets absorbed, the only hope is runoff. With no topography, runoff is slow.

Anybody seen Noah lately?

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