One down, six to go – The end of the first week of radiation

So far so good. Other than a raspy voice not much to report after the first weeks radiation treatment. No news is good news I guess.

The promised cooling effect of afternoon thunderstorms did not happen yesterday. So it was quite warm as I finished the yard in the late afternoon. Jobs gone for another week or so. Today’s weather forecast is a repeat of yesterday’s for all intents. Ah summer in a subtropical climate…makes you dream of winter.

At Blues From The Red Side Of Life I noted Novak’s column about Presidents Bush’s intention to start vetoing upcoming spending bills. Seems this strategy was being attributed to Bush’s Budget Director Rob Portman. Today the Washington Post is announcing that Portman is leaving. Seems Mr. Portman was too well respected by both sides of Capital Hill. His replacement, Jim Nussle,

an aggressive partisan in his tenure in Congress, is another indication of Bush’s intent to confront congressional Democrats over tax and spending issues in the final 18 months of his term.

So, it will be politics as usual for this administration as it goes down in flames. And the take away from this is…Be careful what Robert Novak says about you these days, your time could be coming to an end in the Washington power pyramid (scheme).

Looks like the clock has run out on this mornings muse…catch you down the road…

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