Day three – another round of atomic scientist in the making

Currently: 72°

Dewpoint: 68° Wind: Calm
Humidity: 85% Pressure: 29.85 in Hg
Average: High 91° Low 72°
Record: High 100° (1936) Low 58° (1933)
Today’s Sunrise: 6:20AM
Today’s Sunset: 8:24PM
(14:04 hours of sunlight)

The afternoon thunder is becoming a summertime pattern, with street flooding and power outages becoming a daily feature. Welcome to summertime in SE Texas. The prediction for today is…more of the same.

Now pardon me if I neglect the rest of our normal programing to bring you a blatant grandpa moment…At his sloberly best…Logan Boyd. My first grandson.

Logan Boyd

It’s still kinda fun to get down on the floor to get eye to eye with a not quite toddler. My doesn’t he think grandpis funny? At least when I don’t scare the very devil out of him.

Y’all have a great day…

2 thoughts on “Day three – another round of atomic scientist in the making”

  1. Do eyes get bigger or bluer than that? Wow. Grampis.

    So how do you like WordPress? I’ll be migrating soon. Warn me if there’s anything I should know.

  2. My Lord, Fred, you are up way too early for me on a Saturday morn. The eyes, while they really are that blue, probably show a bit brighter from processing the raw file through Photomatix. You know how HDR just makes everything pop.

    The only thing I still haven’t figured out about WordPress is how to put my AdSense Adds into the posts…I downloaded plug-in but I haven’t had time to try it yet. Other than that, I don’t find it much more difficult just a learning curve when it comes to remembering where all the menu commands are…

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