Day two – Mommy I Ate the Geiger Counter…

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Dewpoint: 72° Wind: Calm
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Today’s Sunrise: 6:20AM
Today’s Sunset: 8:23PM
(14:03 hours of sunlight)

I am still working on a repeatable format for this blog, so bear with me. If you have any suggestions feel free to drop them in the ol’ comment box at the end of this ramble…

I had the first radiation treatment yesterday afternoon. I can’t really say anything about it ’cause other than being pinned to a table with a cage over my face it hasn’t had time to have an effect. More interesting though was the drive home. One of SE Texas’ infamous summer thunderstorms had built up and we ended up driving home through one amazing light and sound show. Even watched a lightning bolt hit a transformer on a pole and knock out the lights (including the stop light I was approaching). Later after sundown we had another of these light and sound extravaganzas pass over the house.

Sadly for the lightshow lovers in my family most of these great big single cell T-storms come upon us from the north. Now, don’t get me wrong, I ain’t complaining (much), but from my front porch you look through one big bunch of trees before you can see free sky. Usually when a storm is approaching I have to wander down to the back end of the backyard. But with one of these lightning flinging monsters we had rolling around yesterday, you really should think twice before you make yourself a target like that. Even though these big guys can’t aim for spit, they will get lucky occasionally. Personally, I don’t think the view is worth it. I’ve been close to one of those ground strikes once and I’d like to avoid a repeat if I can.

From North Carolin…

This picture was taken this May of another storm coming in…

Enough of the weather, even though today promises to be another repeat of the past few steamers…email calls and the morning commute clock is ticking.

My calendar tells me that if the Floyd Bloggers are still getting together, today’s the day. Somebody hoist a cup of java for me…I’ll be there in spirit at least.

Looks like I’ve run out the clock again…see you down the road.

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