Wednesday – Middle of the week musing


Currently: 75°

Dewpoint: 73° Wind: Calm
Humidity: 94% Pressure: 29.92 in Hg
Average: High 90° Low 72°
Record: High 100° (2006) Low 61° (1955)
Today’s Sunrise: 6:20AM
Today’s Sunset: 8:23PM
(14:03 hours of sunlight)

Yesterday on the drive to work the weather prognosticator was saying something about a heat index of 103°. Now that’s summer. Last week I know they projected a couple of days to be 105-11o°.

Back in my younger days we didn’t do “heat indexes”. Back then a temperature of 105° was just hot, now we are told that 105° doesn’t feel like 105°it feels like 120°. And the 90° that was just a normal warm summer day, feels like it’s 105°. I guess my question is, has anything really changed other than the predominance of air conditioners? I remember May and September days in elementary school in Pasadena, sitting in class with all of the windows open, no breeze, flies buzzing around the classroom, heat and humidity so thick it was like swimming in air. The sweat would be dripping from the buzz cut my father had just had the barber give me that past Saturday. The fan hanging above the blackboard barely moving the heat around. Cicadas making their rising and falling buzz outside in time to the teachers lecture as you took notes that smeared from the sweat on your forearm as you wrote…I think I’ll stick with the AC, though I am sure there will come a time when the heat I remember seems like just a nice spring day.


The morning chorus to raise the sun has begun. Mockingbirds leading as usual. It is almost as if they are singing to welcome the sun each morning.

Well it’s email time…Google Calendar wont get to welcome me each day with the message that “You have no events scheduled for today”. At least not for the next 7 weeks…Treatments start this afternoon, hokey mask mask and all. You have to love the way the doctors keep telling you the treatments are only 5 minutes each day, completely ignoring the fact that you are driving over an hour to get there from work, sitting in their waiting room for anything from 10 to 30 minutes before doing your treatment and then driving back. But it’s only a 5 minute treatment. Jeeze, try thinking about it from the patients side sometimes…I don’t spend my day st your facility, so it’s not just a “five minute” procedure…

Even Leon Hale is sitting on the porch watching the world awaken…

WINEDALE — On the front porch again at the old country house in Washington County, where I can’t see a yard past my nose because it’s 5:15 a.m. and still midnight dark.

I went to bed too early. Woke up an hour ago and got tired lying there staring into the blackness. Finally got up and started staring into the blackness out on the porch instead.

Over the weekend Leon posted the first pictures of the “old country house” on his blog. Quite a few of us were expecting more “rustic” from the comments he has made over the years.

Source: Hale: Covering the day’s most critical event | – Houston Chronicle

Well it’s after 7am and I gotta move…catch y’all later.

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