Die ya buzzing blood suckers…Die!

Spotted this in my feed reader and thought I’d pass it along for all of you southerners out there slapping yourselves silly.

OakStump Farms Mosquito Trap

Eliminates populations of skeeters


When I saw this cheap trap at Logan’s Trading Post three years ago, I figured what the heck, but we’ve been amazed at how effective they are. About three fourths of the way up from the bottom of the jug a tube runs through a hole in each side. Fill the jug with water up to the bottom of the transverse tube, add a pheromone pack, let it sit for a week with the top off (to make sure it gets the right attention), then close it after topping the water off. The mosquitoes fly into the tube and lay their eggs. When they hatch, the little mosquitoes can’t figure out how to get out. With luck, in about three weeks the trap will literally be swarming with skeeters.

Judging from Steven Champeon’s revue, this sounds like a winner. I’ll have to take a try and see what they do on my three acre site…I’ll let you know what I think.

Source: Cool Tool: OakStump Farms Mosquito Trap

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