Washington Scandals

There is a firestorm brewing in Washington DC. It is a storm fueled by scandal…Scandals based on the perception of dishonesty. At this moment, it is only the perception of dishonesty that is fueling this firestorm of scandals. But each days news cycle brings more reports of lost documents, lost memories, lost morality…Since nobody can or will step up and answer for these loses, the scandals continue to spin out of control.

For six years this administration was able to step up to the microphone of public discourse and tell their story and go unquestioned. After a week or two someone would step up to the mic and say “This is old news, lets get on with the country’s business.” With a Republican Congress that would stop the story. The stories no longer stop. By the very duplicity of their answers, or lack of answers, this administration is fueling the fires that will bring about its own downfall.

The incompetence of this administration at any part of actually running a government is mainly caused by their very disbelief in the system of government they were trying to run. If anything, this CEO President has proved that you don’t take a CEO who has run his own companies into the ground and expect anything better of him when he is put in charge of the largest organization on the planet…For some reason all of the great business tycoons in the Republican Party didn’t apply the same due diligence to the “hiring” of their Party’s Presidential Candidate in 2000 that they apply to the hiring of a mail room clerk…So why are we surprised at the level of competence we acquired?

It takes a person of great moral character to allow themselves to be surrounded by intellects of greater stature than their own. That is what is required of a President of the United States. In order to debate the great issues of the day in that office you must first understand the issues, then you must be surrounded by people who not only understand the issue but understand the opposing issue as well. This President appears to have neither quality, not the great intellect nor the moral character to surround himself with great intellects. As a matter of observation, he appears to try to pull everyone in a room with him down to his level rather than trying to rise to a higher level of discourse. The denigrating nicknames applied to all who interact with him on a regular basis, they’re just cute, right?

The scandal of this administration began with it’s very inception at the hands of the Supreme Court. The scandals continued with every appointment of an industry crony as a watchdog of that very same industry. The scandal escalates today as this administration appoints political hacks to offices in every department of the government whose sole loyalty is not to this nation and our constitution but to the Republican Party, and does so in such a way as to bypass the constitutional consent of the Congress.

At some point these scandals have to come to justice. The American People will demand it. The President’s approval rating should speak volumes about where the American People stand on the scandalous nature of his Presidency. The only real saving grace is that once he’s out of office, he’ll be happy to stay on the ranch and chop brush…