Six Years is Too Long

1992 was the year I became a Democrat. That was the year I got the opportunity to attend every session of the Republican National Convention. I was in the building before the delegates and I left each evening after they went off to their parties. The thing that turned me from my proud Independent affiliation where I could and would vote for the candidate and ignore the party, was the anger and the hatred I felt and heard coming from the pulpit, oops, podium during the hours that the cameras were not broadcasting.

The part that scared me was the rapt attention being paid to these speakers by the young folks working for the different committees. They were in awe of these over the top ideologues spewing their dream of America out on the audience to roars of approval. It was these ideologues who took over the party in 1994 and made their “Contract with America”. But it was 1992 that they had the podium off camera and begin laying their plans. And it was 1992 that I pulled for the first time in my life the lever for a straight party line vote.

That was the year that I began to really follow politics. After almost 15 years I have made a discovery. Six years of George Bush and the ideologues who lost that election in 1992 and gave up the White House in 1993 is way too long to stay angry. Now I am just sad.

Sad at the fate of a country where the rule of law is do as we say, even though we don’t ourselves… At people who think might is always right… At the President who was raised in an America where he took no responsibility for anything, and someone always made it right, and that was his due. He was after all, the end of a long line of privilege and money going back generations.

Sad that this country has been led into another countries internal strife by men who did everything in their power not to answer their countries call in their day but send the youth of today off to fight their corporate wars. Sad because the men and women we call leaders today can not see the lessons of history and therefore force the rest of us to relive them. Sad that another generation has to go through the wars of there fathers inability to talk.

But mostly I am just tired of the lies. By the politicians, by the pundits, by the press. Lies that have made this country the laughing stock of the world. Lies of the like that have brought to power the worlds worst examples of mankind over and over again.

So for the time being I am going to stop ranting on these pages because I am tired.

May God have sympathy on this misguided country…