You really have to wonder who they think they are fooling?

 You know, either politicians are getting really stupid or they think we are. It really doesn’t matter a whole lot if they are being paid off any more, the appearance that they are being paid off is something they should have avoided.

The smell of this mandate by the Gov was so high from the start. Then to have everyone trying to blame the opposition on the religious right and fear of sex just put the icing on the cake. And now comes the news that Merck has given $300,000.00 to the party over 6 years to a fund chaired by the Gov.

The maker of an anti-cancer vaccine that Gov. Rick Perry mandated for Texas schoolgirls contributed $50,000 to a GOP fundraiser chaired by the governor, but a spokesman for the organization said Tuesday that the donation had nothing to do with Perry’s controversial order.

Merck & Co. has contributed $50,000 a year for at least the past six years, said Nick Ayers, executive director of the Republican Governors Association.

“It’s just a part of what they do annually,” he said.

The governor has come under fire after issuing an executive order earlier this month requiring schoolgirls to be vaccinated against the human papillomavirus, which protects women against most cases of cervical cancer.

Source: Vaccine maker gave to fundraiser | – Houston Chronicle