David Ignatius – Expect The Worst In Iraq – washingtonpost.com

Somehow, after four years, the debate on Iraq is still animated by wishful thinking. The White House talks as if a surge of 20,000 troops is going to stop a civil war. Democrats argue that when America withdraws its troops, Iraqis will finally take responsibility for their own security. But we all need to face the likelihood that this story isn’t going to have a happy ending.

What we all need to face is the real possibility (aw, hell, it’s damn near a foregone conclusion) that the American “solution” to Sadam is going to be worse than not having gotten involved at all. George W “decided” and his decision is going to end up getting more people killed than Sadam himself was responsible for. By W’s rules of world relations, we probably should face the real likelihood that someday soon Crawford, TX will be under global interdiction with a “Coalition” of forces waiting to take the “war criminal” (oops, “war President”) off to account for his unleashing “Bush style democracy” on the rest of the world.

Source: David Ignatius – Expect The Worst In Iraq – washingtonpost.com