The Bait-and-Switch White House – New York Times

I don’t know about you but to me it looks to me like Bush and Cheney have seen to many police shows on TV. I mean come on guys, good cop bad cop is so lame…

We often wonder whether there is a limit to the Bush administration’s obsession with secrecy, its assault on the rule of law, its disdain for the powers of Congress, its willingness to con the public and its refusal to heed expert advice or recognize facts on the ground. Events of the past week suggest the answer is no.

In his State of the Union speech, Mr. Bush stuck to his ill-conceived plans for Iraq, but at least admitted the situation was dire. He said he wanted to work with Congress and announced a bipartisan council on national security.

That lasted a day. By Wednesday evening, Vice President Dick Cheney was on CNN contradicting most of what Mr. Bush had said. We were left asking, once again, Who exactly is running this White House?

To me what this White House has gotten good at is getting their message out their first and knowing that most people will never read the follow up in a couple of months. They count on the short attention span of the American People. They also count on the inability of the MSM to believe or report that they are lying outright about what they are doing. If nobody calls them on their lies are they really lies? If no one holds them accountable for anything they say are do, should they be honest?

Come on people, these are the same people who push lies into the media to smear their opponents in the elections…Over and over and over again. They do it and they get away with it so they do it again. And now you question how they can run the country in the same way…Get real.

The only way this administration is ever held accountable is in a court of law. Preferably, not one with their appointed judges…

Source: The Bait-and-Switch White House – New York Times